Guide: Choose the right app in 3 steps

1: Check your device sensor serial number. The number is imprinted in the plastic casing. Look at the backside of the wristband sensor

2: Check your current Android version. 

Open your Phone

> Go to settings
> System Settings
> About Phone

Then tap Version information. Now you can see your Android version. 

Step 3: Find the right app in the table.
Use your Sensor Serial Number and your Android version, to find the right app in the tables. 

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Sensor Serial Number Android Version App
10XXXX 2.3.6 - 4.4.2 Epi-Care mobile 1.21
10XXXX 4.4.4 - 6.0.1 Epi-Care mobile 1.40
15XXXX 5.0.1 - 7.0.1 Epi-Care mobile 2.0

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